61% of people don’t want to take trust for granted

In today’s increasingly digital world we are all often forced to take trust for granted. When you’re about to transact online with someone for a peer-to peer transaction but you want to be sure that they are who they say they are, it can often seem like a leap of faith.

In this blog the team from HooYu will share some interesting stats on people’s attitudes to trust online.

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Clever ID check technology is just for businesses, right?

In today’s online world, big banks and innovative online businesses are constantly using complex and expensive ID check technologies to make sure that their customers are who they say they are.  

And this clever ID check technology is just for businesses right?  WRONG!  We’ve recently launched HooYu to make ID checking technology available to all people as they go about their digital lives...

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Nice to meet you, we are HooYu

Welcome to HooYu, we’re happy to announce that today is launch day so here's our very first HooYu blog to explain who we are and what we're setting out to achieve.

So here goes. In today’s digital world we are often forced to take trust for granted...

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