News: Huge increase in ‘money mule’ cases among young people

The number of young people especially students from poorer backgrounds, have been caught acting as ‘money mules’, according to a recent study from the UK’s fraud prevention service, Cifas. In this blog post we examine the statistics behind the Cifas research and suggest tips & tools on how not to get deceived into taking part in money laundering. 

Money Mule Blog

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As the sharing economy grows, fraudsters look to capitalise on the new market

The sharing economy is booming and with the likes of Air BnB and easyCar leading the way, it’s a market that has already become huge. However, as this exciting economy increases, so does the amount of fraudsters who want to capitalise on this new market. We discuss how fraudsters are targeting this market and share our top tips on how to avoid these types of scams.

Holiday scams

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Case Study: Scam trajectories - a typical path a scam might follow

Scams have typical trajectories they follow. It's important to understand that although the persuasion route may be the same, scammers work hard on updating the stories to mimic current events. Read on to find out the typical path a scammer might take when carrying out fraud. 

Scam trajectory

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Guest post: 6 golden rules of a scammer

Scams are now a part of daily life. Yet many people still believe scams only happen to gullible people and that the victim somehow deserved it. Martina Dove, Psychology Researcher specialising in the psychology of fraud and scams, shares her insight with HooYu and explains how scams can happen to anyone.


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